Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Real Count Of Human Senses

Apparently we have a lot more than just 5 senses. Yeah, #KK

Most Awkward Moment You Should WATCH

Awesome video I've watched this week. With those epic faces and reactions and #WTFBBQ incidents make the video enjoyable. So, watch it you #Douchebag!

Should We?

This is the main reason why we should make a donation to Wikipedia. Stop saying that you're not used to it. #LMAO

Lord Of The Gamers

Haha..yang ini nak komen pun tak tau nak cakap apa. Entah betul entah tidak. It's up to you guys to decide.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

When Mario Enter Real World

#LOL, tak tau kenapa tiba-tiba admin banyak post pasal Mario. So, just #STFU and watch the video. Seriously best~

Ultimate Remote For Men

#Bhahaha, I'm sure that all guys want this remote in their hands. If only women were so easy…

Who'll Like Your Status

When you post this on your wall, I'm sure those on yours will be very glad #LLAFH

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Real Street Fighter #Wannabe

Hahaha..fanatic gila beliau ni dengan Ryu Street Fighter. Ingatkan dia hentam/belasah Dhalsim or Honda,  rupa-rupanya kereta buangan yang menjadi mangsa. This video is so #WTFBBQ.

Hide & Seek

These are the things that like to play hide & seek. They got many spot to hide and we sometime fail to find it.

#BFD Teacher Yang Sangat Kejam

Gila #GG cikgu ni. Mesti tergamam gila mangsa keadaan dalam video ni kan. The moral is 'Don't try this in KLIUC'.

Carefully Read The Agreement

#FFS, please read the agreement coz you might miss something. You could put absolutely anything in those agreements and no one would know!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

#BFD Stealing Meat From Lions

Sekumpulan orang Afrika ini mencari makanan dengan mengambil hasil buruan Singa. Mereka hanya berbekalkan busur dan panah, apa yang diperlukan dalam aktiviti adalah keberanian dan kerjasama. #LOL, memang aku baca berita kat sini. Tengok je la..

P/s: They should learn how to order delivery meal. #EPIC

The Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo

Ok, Imma explain this. The car was actually done in sharpie markers on the paint and then finished with a clear coat for protection. It took about 2 weeks total. So, what do you guys think?

The Flash In England

In this mean world, even The Flash starts to feel the economic pinch.So, why don't we study or work harder. #LMAO

Monday, 21 November 2011

Lovely Owl

Bhahahaha..you can see that this video is full of cuteness and I want one! #LOL

Air Clicker

Doing it the Apple way, Air Camera strips away all the unnecessary aspects to a digital camera design. It leaves us with a Bluetooth enabled camera lens and a motion-sensor shutter button mounted on two rubber bands.I think it’s a clever and fun concept! #KK right?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Italian Ice Cream Fail

#LOL, let me say this, it’s even blue! I just hope that licking it doesn’t give me a stiff tongue and neck! Yeah, this kinda perv but juz chill ok~

#BFD Godlike Indian Show

#WOI!!!! This is insane seriously! And this is so #WTFBBQ. Hey you #Douchebag, watch it NOW!!!

Pic Transformation Yang Sangat #KK

Pic ni sangat macho sebab dia bertukar-tukar and sangat berseni. Yeah, and I got it from my Google+ account and forgot to copy the artist who made this pic.

P/s: It may take times for it to load. #FFS, just wait ok :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fail Video For This Week #6

Leap Frog or Surprise Butt Attack?

Selena Gomez Adopted a Puppy

Hahaha..yang ni saja je admin post sebab sekarang ni asyik dengar orang menyanyi/karaoke lagu 'pit,pit,pit' Love You Like A Love Song. So, these are her pics when she adopted that puppy. Enjoy it~

10 Strange Discoveries On Google Earth

Hurm, this is what Google found on their Google Earth Image. Its kinda weird, still quite #KK. Just watch it guys. #LOL

Hard To Decide

#WTFBBQ, this is what happens when you marry the crazy cat lady.

1-10 #Imba Dance

This guy was so excited till he forgot his score. Too much drug in sport may cause this and please avoid it.
Credit : Ghazali Kazama-san

Friday, 18 November 2011

Old School Game

Gamers tegar mesti pernah main game old school macam game tape dulu-dulu kan. So, ada rasa rindu tak terhadap game-game #EPIC ni? Autotrolls, roll out!

P/s: This is the screenshot and I don't know if this support on MAC xD

Link : Click HERE

Darlie Yang Sangat Racist

Tahukah anda bahawa Darlie Toothpaste mengamalkan sikap racist. Tidak percaya? Sila lihat imej di bawah #LLAFH

Give Me The Evil Eyes!

#LOL, teringin nak tahu macam mana parent baby ni ajar beliau untuk buat muka yang sangat #WTFBBQ. Seriously cute and adorable. Watch it and you'll know.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Close-Up Pictures of Animal Eyes by Suren Manvelyan (9 Pics)

Dude, 1 word and it's #EPIC. So the macho liao. I was speechless when I saw these and I'm gonna make sure you guys see it too!

Nylus Crocodile

Husky Dog


Siam Cat

"Mario" - SXSW 2011 Film Bumper

#FFS, this is amazing. They should Make this into a movie and it would be full of awesomeness. Come on gays, who on earth doesn't know Mario?

Thanx Dude

Hai ladies and troll, just nak ucapkan thanks sebab rajin datang ke blog ni walaupun sebenarnya admin sendiri dah malas nak update. But most of the visitors are not from Malaysia. #LOL. Anyway, thanx very much you #douchebag! xD

P/s: Seriously 1 hari mesti 1k lebih visitors. So, keep in touch with my blog ok~

How To Know Woman

Hahaha..tak tau la kalau yang ni betul atau tak. Saja post sebab nampak cam trend sekarang. So, you guys decide whether it's true or not.

#BFD Pen Spinning Tournament

Unbelievable, never think that pen spinning could be done like this. Ultra cool dude. Do they take apprentice and how much for the fees. #LMAO

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mickey Mouse Bulb

Probably the only time you’re going to get to screw Mickey is when you get this adorable light bulb. Simply called the Mickey Mouse Bulb Concept, this is a mouse that I want to bring home! Am I right ladies & troll?

Fail Video For This Week #5

This guy got lucky, if not a few inches more to the face and it would be WIN! He should repent #LMAO. Dude, I might say this is the GAYest fail ever!

Monday, 14 November 2011

ATM Machine Paling #WTFBBQ

#LOL, ada ke mana-mana ATM yang buat statement macam ni.

It Will Rain Official Video

Yo, it's Bruno again. Now, I want all of you to rape the replay button. #STFU and just do it xD

P/s: They kissed a lot. #LOL

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Emoticon Freak!

Hahaha..these are what you'll see in real world if emoticons do exist in real world. #FFS, please don't make it happen.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Steve and Bill: Bill Goes To The Bank

Suddenly I miss these 2 guys and posted this. Enjoy it guys.
R.I.P Steve Jobs

#BFD Toilet Paper Made In China (14 Pics)

Let's see the ultimate process of toilet paper made in China. The Head Office is quite #LOL

Ninja Cat Special Move

WOA!! Did you see that move. Don’t mess with Ninja cat. You don’t want to see what would happen if Ninja cat dropped out of it’s defensive posture.#LOL

Conan The Barbarian 2011

Dude, seriously you have to watch this epic movie!! #Facepalm untuk anda kalau tak tengok movie ni walaupun berpeluang untuk mendownloadnya.

P/s: Storyline yang mantap dan heroin yang sangat #aima + nice #DSL~

FB Status Review

#LOL, jom check status FB dari awal sampai akhir selama kita guna FB ni. For sure anda akan tergelak bila check balik status merapu or jiwang or #WTFBBQ anda.