Saturday, 28 July 2012

Easiest Way To Earn Money Online #1

Whaddup guys, I'm here to tell you the easiest way to earn money while you surfing the internet. I know this is ridiculously easy right. Let's earn hard while surfing hard.

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P/s: This add-on will not slowing your surfing speed and its better than do nothing

Friday, 27 July 2012

Expendables 2: Stuntman Died and Posters(11 Pics)

#Dafuq? This is not suppose to be happened as this is an international level movie. The family of a stuntman who was killed during an explosion on the set of "​TheExpendables 2" is suing producers ... claiming they failed to take proper safety precautions during a stunt-gone-wrong in Bulgaria.

Liu's family believes they should be compensated for funeral expenses ... and for the loss of their son's "society, love, comfort, attention, services and support."

Liu's family is demanding more than $25k.

Anyway, here are few posters that might calm you down :)