Friday, 17 June 2011

Coolest Memorable Pic (10 Pic)

Sekiranya anda masih menyimpan pic lama, how bout you follow these people action in the image below. Seriously,ianya sangat cool and and sweet as it can recall your past memory. Teringin nak buat, tapi lokasi gambar lama hamba sangat jauh dari rumah. It's so KK,damn!!!

Grandma loved this beach.

Chinatown use to be livelier.

That’s love.

That stop sign gave me a good excuse to stop cutting the lawn.

I miss that playground.

I looked good in a tux.

When will I have this much swag again?

I wonder which parent let us up there?

Now I’m wondering where my cool Mickey Mouse hat is at…

I wish I had as much swag then, as I do now.


  1. so sweet. nk try wat jgk la. :)

  2. bhhahaa..tgkp gambar skrg..
    pastu tggu la lagi 10 tahun..
    kalau sanggup la..

  3. style laaa weyhhh!!!!

  4. smart kottttt!!!
    aku nak buat satu gak laahh.
    jom zahid!:D

  5. bhahahaha..
    kalau zahid best r..
    dulu gemowk..after 10 years..
    kurus dah..wakaka~