Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bamboo Plant Lappy (6 Pic)

Lappy ini menggunakan konsep tumbuhan iaitu buluh a.k.a bamboo. Cara untuk mengecas lappy ni pun sangat unik iaitu dengan merendamkan dalam air.

The deisgner said: The system uses an external water tank, hence the Plantbook continuously absorbs water when soaking it in water and generates electrolysis using power stored in a solar heat plate installed on the top. In this process, it is operated using hydrogen as energy source and discharges oxygen. If you put it into a water bottle while you don’t use the laptop, it automatically charges a battery and discharges oxygen. A leaf-shaped strap hanging on the top is made with silicon. It plays a role of a hand ring and a green LED indicates when the battery is charged. Using this LED, users can check how much spare capacity the batter has.”
P/s:Aku tak baca pun explanation dia tu

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